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Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome to the Mattress Poker Tour (MPT)

What's the Mattress Poker Tour (MPT), you ask? Why it's only the largest and most prestigious poker series on earth.

OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but for a few friends, most of who met through the Las Vegas Advisor message boards the MPT provides a great excuse to get together and play poker. The tournaments are invitational events, but if you're a friend of one of our regular players and travel to Atlantic City, then you're welcome to join us!

So, what's the deal with playing on a mattress? Well, it's mostly about convenience as a hotel room is usually the easiest place for everyone to gather during their casino vacations and the mattress is the only surface large enough to play the game. We could play on the ground, by the "floor poker tour" doesn't have the same ring. Playing above the pillowtops also brings the Tour back to its original roots from Harv's wedding night. Yeah, that's right, the big action that night in Hagerstown, MD was a small poker game in the hotel where the wedding party was staying. One of Harv's friends won the tournament, Harv ended up locked out of his room with no identification, and a new poker series was born.

Since the MPT was founded, soon after Harv's wedding night, the series has grown from a single tournament in its first year, to five tournaments in year two, up to eight events in season three. The MPT has also expanded outside of Atlantic City hotel rooms into a bayside home in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, and even out to Las Vegas during the summer of 2008. With fields growing ever larger and more players eager to participate, the MPT is quickly becoming THE place for folks to launch their poker careers.

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Harv29 said...

One no longer needs to be a member of the LVA to participate. . .