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Monday, January 5, 2009

Bigfus Finishes as 2008 Leading Money Winner

Fueled by an astonishing seven cashes in eight events this season, Bigfus, the MPT's most successful player yet to earn a victory, finished the season as the leading money winner with $325 in prize money, averaging $41 per event. Her "average cash" was second only to two-time champion Amazon, who averaged $65 per event she played, among those who played in more than one tournament during the season.
The consistent performances for Bigfus put her in contention for the Sealy Cup throughout the season and also vaulted her to the top of the career money leaders, with $425 in prize money over the last three seasons. Bigfus will look to extend her streak of cashing in five straight events when the 2009 season begins.
Here is the complete list of money leaders for the 2008 season.
  1. Bigfus ($325)
  2. Harv29 ($275)
  3. Amazon ($260)
  4. RowanB ($185)
  5. Scurvydog ($120)
  6. RowanV ($120)
  7. Betdponies ($120)
  8. TSS777 ($110)
  9. "E" ($90)
  10. Mrs. Betdponies ($90)
  11. Civicmon ($80)
  12. JTinLV ($40)
  13. Ging ($10)
  14. Dave ($5)

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