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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bigfus Wins Back to Back Player of the Year Titles

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - For the second consecutive year a player won three MPT tournaments in a single season, but this year the player walked away with the season title.  By winning the final event of the season, Bigfus equaled TSS777's season best for wins, which coupled with one other cash was enough to hold off a resurgent Harv29, who won the season's biggest event in Las Vegas and added three other cashes to his best MPT season in recent history.  However, at the end of the year, Harv29 was left to only present the Player of the Year trophy to its winner rather than hoist it himself.

Bigfus became the first player in MPT history to win more than one Player of the Year trophy and the first two-time winner of the prestigious "green chip" trophy.  She finished with the second highest point total in series history, trailing only her own record of 94 points during the previous season.  Bigfus has set a new standard of excellence for the series and the other MPT superstars will have a lot of work to catch up in the seasons to come.

Here are the complete "Sealy Cup" point standings for the 2011 season.

1. Bigfus (85.5)
2. Harv29 (64)
3. Betdponies (52)
4. Tss777 (48.5)
5. RowanB (41)
6. Mr. Lucky (29)
7. Ghosthunter (21)
8. Amazon (19)
9. Sass (18)
10. Tennis_bum (10)
11. Trouble (9)
12. Sionow (8)
13. JTinLV (6)
14. 2timeace (4)
14. Janek13 (4)
16. Bardolator (3)
16. Judykq (3)
18. Ging (2)
18. Dave (2)
20. Demon (1)
20. Noahcat (1)
20. Patsy (1)
20. Baccarat King (1)

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