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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pictures from MPT 2008 #1

Not a whole lot of action shots here, but there was some visual record on my recent win.

The newly-redesigned MPT trophy was unveiled as heads-up play began.

The Tournament Director took over as dealer after his pocket Aces didn't hold up against pocket Kings.

rowanb tried to take advantage of his chairless status to not give off tells, while disproving the old "chip and a chair" myth (the chair, as it turns out, is optional)

bigfus hides her poker face behind a cocktail

The board from the final hand (when bigfus was blinded all-in)

The winning cards along with the El Cortez chip protecor

The runner up with two bottles that she help vanquish during the tournament

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Schedule Changes for Upcoming Events

There has been some discussion in a couple different forums (the LVA message boards, e-mail, in person, and text-messaging, to name a few) about upcoming MPT Events. I would like to summarize them below.

We are discussing holding out first Stone Harbor event, a standard No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament on Saturday, June 7th. This would be an afternoon event, followed by some sort of grilled food (chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers would be most likely).

Harv suggested holding the July event on Sunday, July 6th. That would give us tournaments on 6/7 and 7/6, so if you're prone to reversing numbers you should be covered either way, though you may want to call ahead and make sure you're in the right location.

The August trip is starting to come together. It looks like based on the where betdponies' travel plans intersect with the Harv29's would most likely be Friday August 8th or Saturday August 9th.

No times for any of these events have been proposed as of yet.

MPT 2008 #1 - Bally's Atlantic City (4/27/2008)

(originally posted 4/29/2008, by Harv29)

The participants:

  • Bigfus - Looking to start year off right after not cashing in 2007
  • Rowanb - Looking for his first win
  • Betdponies - Looking to continue his streak as the MPT's winningest player
  • Mrs. Betdponies - Looking to earn bragging rights in the Betdponies household
  • Harv29 - Looking to actually win with a big pair for a change

The Results:

  1. Rowanb
  2. Bigfus
  3. Harv29
  4. Mrs. Betdponies
  5. Betdponies

Unfortunately it was a small field due to people backing out, but the event must go on with the first tourney of the year and a new trophy design to celebrate.

The tourney was uneventful for a while, it got exciting when Mrs. B went all-in and Row called and Mrs. B needing a 5 to make her straight to stay in and hit on the river. Row returned the favor when he hit a river card later on. It seemed like a "PokerStars" event, with the best hand getting sucked out on the river. . .

Row dismissed Betdponies in round 9 and soon after sent Mrs. B to join him on the rail. That left Harv, Bigfus and Row in three handed with the bubble looming.

Two rounds later, I am sitting short stacked, on the button. I peek down at AA. Of course I push all-in with Bigfus in the SB calling and Row calling in the BB. The flop was all unders for me but I am out of the betting. For some reason, Bigfus bets out $1,000 into a dry side pot. Row considers his options and then folds. Bigfus turns over KK and I rejoice and I show my aces! The turn brings a card of no consequence for us, but Row reveals his mucked cards, he folded a gut-shot straight draw and would have hit on the turn. I am looking to dodge one of the last two kings to triple up but the river unkind reveals a king to send me to the rail!

They continue to battle it out for the next five rounds! Row started with a nice chip lead but Bigfus battled back to take the chip lead. I forget the pivotal hand but Row took it and left Bigfus with just a few chips over the blinds. With little choice, she pushed in and Row ended up taking the hand and the cash and trophy.

So congrats to the winner of M.P.T. Event #1 - Rowanb!!!He breaks his string of finishing either second or last in every tournament. He also breaks Betdponies run of being undefeated on the pillowtop.

Congrats also to Bigfus for playing a good game taking second place cash.

And the current Sealy Point Standings:
  • 8 - Rowanb
  • 5 - Bigfus
  • 3 - Harv29
  • 2 - Mrs. Betdponies
  • 1 - Betdponies