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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures from MPT 2008 #4

MPT Tournament Director Harv29 hosted the first annual Las Vegas Invitational in his room at Main Street Station in Downtown Las Vegas last weekend. Below are some images from that event.

Players get ready to take their seats just before the tournament begins

Play begins on our largest single mattress event to date
(Photo courtesy of Sionow)

Players look on before a flop early in the tournament
(Photo courtesy of Sionow)

JTinLV collects the first ever MPT "High Hand" bonus, with a Royal Flush on the river to oust former MPT Champion, Mtohio

A closer look at the high-hand winner
(Photo courtesy of Sionow)

Two past champions "race" early in the tournament as Rowanb's pair of 10's falls behind Betdponies' A-K after the flop, but improves on the river to oust the 3-time series winner

Most of the large field survived the early blind levels before play opened up as the blinds rose
(Photo courtesy of Sionow)

Click on the picture to make sure you are seeing clearly, but these two hands ended up all-in preflop in the middle stages of the tournament and Scurvydog attempted a "steal" preflop and had the right price to call Mrs. Betdponies attempt to "re-steal"

Inspired by the setup as the House of Blues suite during the previous event, the MPT now has the capability of displaying the tournament information on the television in any hotel room

This tournament featured another bonus for the winner on top of the trophy and prize money, as the champion earned a complimentary "MPT Las Vegas Spectacular" glass

A close up look at the commemorative glasses from this event.
(photo courtesy of Sionow)

The final hand featured two strong hands for heads-up play with substantial blinds, though Scurvydog's ace did not factor into his winning hand when he made a straight on the river to leave Bigfus with her third second place finish this season

Our new champion, Scurvydog

Scurvydog Wins Inaugural Las Vegas Event

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - MPT rookie Scurvydog made an impressive debut on the circuit with a victory is his first series tournament. He bested a field the included several MPT veterans and two other players making their debut on the mattress. Dog folded patiently through the early rounds of the tournament, waiting for the right time to make his move, and turned up the aggressiveness as the blinds rose, accumulating blinds and winning a few key hands to take his first MPT title. He becomes the fourth consecutive person to win their first MPT tournament this season.

A complete tournament summary will be available after the tournament reporter gets some sleep for a couple nights to recover from his recent week in Las Vegas.