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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Listen to Podcast of 2009 Event #1 Final Hand

Enjoy the latest feature of the MPT, as you can now listen to podcasts from key moments of our tournaments. Our first audio offering is the final hand from Bigfus' dominating performance at the Showboat in MPT 2009 Event #1.

Listen to this clip and be sure to check for updates after each tournament!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures from MPT 2009 #1

Pictures from MPT 2009 Event #1, held in room 2068 of the Orleans Tower at Showboat Atlantic City.

Contenders in the middle stages of the tournament, as Betdponies looks on after his early elimination

Whispering Eye studies the "table" while Harv29, Big Jer, and Betdponies look at the camera

Once again, the MPT bar was well stocked

Bigfus watches Harv29 count chips during heads-up play, while Whispering Eye looks concerned as his short stack is on display

Bigfus waits to see if her hand will hold on the river

After the final river card, Bigfus tries to grasp what has happened

As the result sinks in, the new champion expresses her emotion

Bigfus can't wait for the trophy presentation to get her hands on the coveted prize that she finally earned for herself

The final, as 4s 2s takes the lead on the flop and holds on

The champion with her trophy and winning hand

MPT 2009 #1 - Showboat AC (6/13/2009)

Atlantic City, NJ - Season three of the Mattress Poker Tour kicked off with a bang, as the most consistent player in series history finally secured the coveted black chip trophy, while also taking home a black chip's worth of prize money. Bigfus won the first hand of the afternoon, eliminated defending MPT Main Event Champion, Betdponies, before the event was an hour old, and never looked back to win her first event in 15 series tries. Bigfus widened her lead as the series' all-time leading money winner and passed Harv29 as the all-time points leader in MPT history.

The normally passive Bigfus was involved in pots throughout the tournament and displayed a more aggressive style, raising with strong draws and opening up her starting hand requirements in the late stages when the blinds grew large. She proved she has learned from her series record five second-place finishes and will be a force to be reckoned with during the 2009 season. Bigfus also secured her astonishing sixth straight cash and eighth in the money finish in the past nine events, dating back to last season's first event, in April 2008.

The win by Bigfus overshadowed the solid play of Whispering Eye, who became the second straight player adorned in San Diego Chargers garb to finish runner up to a series regular, and the debut of Big Jer, who travelled with the Tournament Director from Virginia to be part of this event. Big Jer played patiently until busting with AJo against KQo from Mrs. Betdponies, as the blinds forced players to take chances with preflop all-ins. Mrs. Betdponies secured her second cash in the last three events.

The participants:
  • Betdponies - Defending Main Event Champion, looking to rebound from mediocre regular season in 2008
  • Bigfus - Arguably, the most successful player in MPT history, but still seeking her first win
  • Big Jer - Joining the fray for the first time
  • Harv29 - Looking to build on strong finish in 2008 and defend his series points title
  • Mrs. Betdponies - Trying not to upset her husband with her play
  • RowanB - Needing to get back into form after four consecutive finishes out of the money
  • Whispering Eye - Seeking redemption after early exit in his first MPT outing
The results:
  • Bigfus
  • Whispering Eye
  • Mrs. Betdponies
  • Big Jer
  • Harv29
  • RowanB
  • Betdponies

Event 1 Cash and Sealy Point totals

Here are the standings after Event 1:

$100 - Bigfus
$45 - Whispering Eye
$30 - Sass

16 - Bigfus
9 - Whispering Eye
7 - Sass
4 - Big Jer
4 - Harv29
2 - Rowanb
1 - Betdponies

Statistics Posted Following MPT 2009 Season Opener

Notable observations following the first event of the 2009 season.

  • The 4 "kills" by Bigfus equaled the number of players she eliminated in her 14 previous tournaments
  • By eliminating 4 players in one event, Bigfus tied for the 5th most players eliminated in a single event. This was last accomplished in December, 2008 by Betdponies.
  • Mrs. Betdponies eliminated the third player in her 13 tournaments
  • Bigfus and Harv29 continued their streaks of playing in every MPT event
  • Big Jer became the 25 different player to participate in an MPT event
  • Whispering Eye became the 13th player to play in at least two MPT events
  • Whispering Eye became the 17th player to cash in an MPT event
  • Bigfus widened her lead in the all-time money winners standings
  • Betdponies became the third player in MPT history to finish last place in 3 different events, joining RowanB and Baccarat King as the all-time leaders in that category

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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