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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Statistical Notes Following MPT 2010 Event #4

Observations following the fourth event of the 2010 season, held in Stone Harbor, New Jersey on September 25, 2010.

  • Sass becomes the 14th different winner of an MPT event
  • Harv29 cashed in his second straight event, with back to back third place finishes
  • Syrorange3042 bubbled for the second consecutive event in which he has played
  • The top four positions in the season points standings remained the same, as Bigfus, Sass, and Harv29 each closed on on points leader TSS777
  • RowanB continues a horrendous year, with his first last place finish since 2007.
  • Both RowanB and Betdponies have earned fewer points for the season than points leader TSS777 is averaging for each of the three events he has played
  • Ghosthunter became the 27th player to participate in more than one MPT event
  • Bigfus takes back the top spot for all-time prize winnings, $25 ahead of TSS777
  • Harv29 passes RowanB in all-time cashes and on the all-time winnings list, where he moved into the top five
  • Sass jumps into the top spot in the all-time points race, ahead of Harv29 and Bigfus, who passed RowanB to move into third place
  • Bigfus moves into the top five in Points Per Event, dropping RowanB to sixth place on the all-time list
  • Bigfus became the first non-Rowan to earn 13 points in a single event

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pictures from MPT 2010 #4

Pictures from MPT 2010 Event #4, the ECLVA Fall Classic, held in Stone Harbor, New Jersey on Saturday, September 25, 2010.

Bigfus checks her hole cards while Harv29 and Sass look on

Ghosthunter flashes "the prettiest card in the deck" during play midway through the event

Play as the bubble approaches

The MPT Monkey and friends watch over the bar and snacks

Sass rakes in a big pot during heads-up play

Bigfus maintains her "poker face" while Sass watches

The MPT Monkey sits guard over the trophy and prize money

Bigfus and Sass wait for the turn and river during what would be the final hand

Bigfus congratulates the newest MPT champion

Sass raises the bounty chip in triumph, after knocking out 2010 Event #1 champion, Bigfus

Harv29 presents Sass with her first black chip trophy

Sass celebrates with The MPT Monkey

The MPT Monkey with the cards from the final hand

A behind the scenes look at setting up for the MPT