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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Statistical Notes Following MPT 2012 Event #3

Observations following the third event of the 2012 season,  held in Stone Harbor, NJ on October 6, 2012.

  • RowanB broke a tie with Amazon to take sole position of fourth place on the all-time win list, with his fourth MPT title
  • RowanB joined Bigfus as the only players to win a tournament after having finshed runner-up in the previous event
  • TSS777 became the sixteenth different player to finish in last place in a MPT event, breaking the longest streak without being the first player eliminated, at 24 tournaments
  • Solotrombone became the 32nd player to participate in more than one MPT event
  • Solotrombone also became the thirteenth player in MPT history to cash in more than one MPT event
  • RowanB cashed in his second event of the season, marking the fifth time in the last six years he has accomplished that feat
  • RowanB moved back into the top five in all-time winnings, passing Betdponies and Sass
  • Sass failed to cash for her seventh straight event, tying RowanB for the third longest out of the money streak
  • Bigfus moved past TSS777 for the all-time lead in average points per event
  • Sass eliminated more than one player in the same event for only the third time in her MPT career
  • Solotrombone earned his first two career "kills", become the 36th player to eliminate at least one other opponent from a tournament
  • RowanB moved out of a tie with Harv29 into sole posession of fourth place on the all-time "kills" list