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Friday, December 12, 2008

MPT Main Event qualifications

The ranking of qualifiers for a Main Event will be the following:

  • The defending Main Event Champion
  • The defending Player of the Year
  • Any current year champion
  • Any current year cashing player (excluding bounties and high hand/bad beat jackpots)
  • The player with the most points in the current year not qualifying through any of the above
  • Any past year champion

These players will make the Main Event pool from 9-12 players. Should there be more than 12 players able to attend, then ties in qualifying will be broken by current year points (I want to favor current year active players over prior year non-active ones). If 9-12 players cannot be made from the above, then the remaining players will be filled in the order of the following:

  • The remaining players for the current year, in order of current year points earned
  • Any prior tournament player, in order of career points earned

Should a "full field" still not be filled, it will be the Tournament Director's discretion to either proceed "short handed" or invite other players to participate. The Tournament Director may grant a "provisional" entry to a player not qualifying, but this will be kept to a minimum. The "Executive Committee" will meet to determine outside eligibility.

If there are at least 13 entries, then the Tournament Director may have a Satellite tournament to determine Main Event qualifiers.

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