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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pillow Talk: Your odd's on favorites for this years Las Vegas Spectacular

Here at Pillow Talk, we thought it would be fun to look at who really has been getting better at getting it all in on the mattress and who has be spewing everywhere.  So examining some variables, we put together some odds for this year's Las Vegas Spectacular.  Let's check with our experts to see who ranks where and why they think so in a field expected to be around 14 people:

1.  Bigfus: 8 to 1 - Bigfus comes in as a strong contender, tied for the lead in career victories and one of only two players with more victories than seasons played.  Having collected just about every title the series has to offer except for the Las Vegas Spectacular title and coming off one of her weakest performances in recent memory in the season's first event, we expect to see a motivated Bigfus make a big fuss and come out with something to prove and that is why she is our number one favorite.

2.  Solotrombone: 9 to 1 - Solotrombone has been a bridesmaid, but never the bride as he has yet to notch his first MPT victory.  But, coming off his recent wedding, this honeymooning groom is primed to finally slip on the garter and take home his first win.  Will he leave his supporters with a lovely tone or will he blow a sour note on the tickets with his name?  The money likes his chances.

3.  Rowanb:  10 to 1 - This MPT regular should be able to avoid common duties such as barbecue chef and focus on his game.  Will this MPT star take one down oar will he be moving his boat to the losers' lounge.

4.  JTinLV:  10 to 1 - JTinLV probably has the most recent poker experience of anyone in the field and the last few events we saw him in, he was playing fierce poker.  He also has the home field advantage, being a Las Vegas resident, but perhaps a disadvantage in not knowing his opponents' games as well as some of the other seasoned players who are tournament regulars.  Still, we are expecting a strong showing from JTinLV and wouldn't be surprised to see some alchemy work turn JTinLV to JGoldLV.

5. Sionow:  10 to 1 - This west coast phenom has delivered cashes in half of his brief 4 event MPT career, with a bubble in another.  Surely those at his table will be hoping now is not the time to sigh if they get all in against him.  Look for Sionow to use his exclusive Las Vegas Spectacular experience to break through with his first career victory in only his fifth event.

6.  Harv29: 12 to 1 - Harv29 missed cashing the LV spectacular for the first time last year and will be looking to rebound with a strong performance this year.  He's definitely a contender for his first Vegas trophy.

7.  Amazon:  12 to 1 - Amazon has been Amazin' being in the top 5 in series wins and with limited appearances.  She is among the best in wins per event and is the defending Las Vegas Spectacular champion.  But this is Vegas and the downstairs temptations and adult beverages threaten to take her off of her game so bettors beware.

8.  Tss777:  15 to 1 - Tss777 was a last minute addition to the Las Vegas Spectacular rosters.  Early betters who took the field are feeling good about themselves having Tss777 on their card, but since signing up to play, he's moved from the field bettors card to his own bet.  However, Tss777 is coming off wins in his last tournament and the last Las Vegas Spectacular that he has played so the motivation may not be there and last minute sign up may betray a lack of preparation and confidence.  Bettors for Tss777 will probably have an eye on the MPT Bowling Championship.  If Tss777 manages to pull out a win in that event, he may be more motivated in the poker event as he tries to repeat his Triple Crown performance from three years ago.  Expect the line to move after the bowling event.

9.  Sass:  16 to 1 - Sass will literally be on her honeymoon, but she's been honeymooning for a while in the MPT events.  Savvy bettors will be looking to see if she has regained her fire and focus for victory or if the honeymoon continues.

10.  JudyKQ: 20 to 1 -  Can JudyKQ break through for her first victory?  If JudyKQ becomes JudyQQ, she might pose a real threat.

11.  New Norman: 20 to 1 - Will newlywed New Norman change his MPT name to TheRightNorman?  Will TheRightNorman get the right cards needed to win?  Some underdog bettors are hoping so.

12.  Noahcat:  35 to 1 - Noahcat hasn't gone deep much and often finds herself short on chips early, but if the cat can come back, she can earn her betting supporters a great payday.

The Field:  8 to 1 - The field is coming in at 8 to 1 as other late additions may join the two less known players in the tournament at any time.

So there you have it.  In only a few days, we'll know who the winner is.

*Betting odds are for entertainment purposes only.  We do not endorse wagering on MPT event outcomes.