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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bigfus Wins MPT Player of the Year in Record Setting Season

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - Bigfus rebounded from a disappointing 2009 season in a big way. After leading the money list and finishing second place in the player of the year standings two years ago, she fell to fifth in the Sealy Cup standings, failing to cash in the last six events of that season. Bigfus won the opening event of the 2010 season, repeating her feat from the year before, but this time backed that win up with five finishes in the money in the last six events. In October, Bigfus also became only the second player in MPT history to win two tournaments in a single season , joining TSS777.

TSS777 was the only other player with a chance at the Player of the Year prize going into the main event. The two players dueled throughout the season, winning the first three tournaments. TSS777 won the two most prestigious events of the season, the Main Event and Las Vegas Spectacular, but that was not enough to overcome missing two events. His three victories set a single season mark, but it was Bigfus who set a series of records, smashing her previous record for money won in a season and also topping Sass' record for points in season by a considerable margin. She did fall short of one record, however, cashing in one fewer event than in 2008, but she did not win a tournament during that season.

After 2010, we don't expect to see 2010 Mattress Poker Tour Player of the Year, Bigfus, fall short of much anymore.

Here are the complete "Sealy Cup" point standings for the 2010 season.

1. Bigfus (94)
2. TSS777 (75)
3. Sass (57)
4. Harv29 (55)
5. Betdponies (42)
6. RowanB (37)
7. Hammah (20)
7. 2timeace (20)
9. Amazon (17)
10. Pixie (15)
11. Demon (14)
12. Janek13 (11)
13. Civicmon (10)
14. Tennis_bum (9)
14. Judykq (9)
16. mghenry (8)
17. Syrorange3042 (7)
18. Sherlock (6)
19. Ghosthunter (5)
20. JTinLV (4)
20. Cushla (4)
22. Eileen (3)
22. Noahcat (3)
22. Stumerrian (3)
25. Cocktail Master (2)
26. Baccarat King (1)

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