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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pictures from MPT 2011 #1

Pictures from MPT 2011 Event #1, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday, May 28, 2011 in the Caesars Atlantic City Centurion Tower.

Ging, Bigfus, and Demon in the early stages of the tournament

A wide look around the table as players and spectator look on

Bigfus stands during an important hand, while Harv29 deals

TSS777 studies his opponent intently, while his hole card camera records his play

Bigfus tries to hide from her opponent's glare

Sass, enjoying the early rounds of the tournament

TSS777 throws in a call

TSS777 stands up to record the cards on the board to review later

The dealer reveals the next card to the camera before dropping it on the mattress

TSS777 watches, something

While feeling no pain most of the night, Sass finally experiences the agony of defeat

The prize money for heads-up play and the new bobbling chip trophy on display

The final hand, after a less than epic heads up battle

The champion receives the trophy from the Tournament Director, who was also the runner-up

While absent for most of the tournament, the MPT Monkey returned for postgame ceremonies