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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pictures from MPT 2010 #2

Pictures from MPT 2010 Event #2 at Bally's Claridge Tower, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Friday, July 2, 2010.

The Tournament Director sets up the computer prior to the tournament

The world famous MPT bar

The hotel room television doubles as computer monitor showing the tournament information

TSS777, Mrs. TSS777, Sass, and Bigfus as the bubble nears

The MPT's youngest fan plays with the series mascots

Bigfus looks concerned late in the tournament

Harv29 deals while TSS777 and Bigfus play heads up

The winning hand

Harv29 pays TSS777 after the win

MPT 2010 #2 - Bally's Claridge Tower (7/2/2010)

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - TSS777 bested a field of eight MPT superstars to become the all-time leader in series wins, but he had to fight off that MPT's all-time leading money winner to do it. The event featured seven series regulars, this time joined by Mrs. TSS777, making her second career MPT appearance. TSS777 also became the only player with wins in each of the last four seasons.

Play in the early stages was typical of many recent MPT events, with players wary of playing big pots, and everyone was still alive at the first break. As the blinds grew larger, players started to risk their stacks on preflop all-ins and the field shrank. Janek13 was the first to fall, becoming the twelfth different player to finish in last place in a MPT event. By the time the event reached the bubble, TSS777 had built a good-sized stack.

TSS777's three opponents - Mrs. TSS777, Sass, and Bigfus - all seemed to be waiting for a big hand to trap the four-time champ, but never found the opportunity, as he ground their stacks down to the point where it would be difficult for anyone to challenge for the first place trophy. Eventually, the winner's wife fell short of the money, though her fourth place finish moved her up in the all-time standings. That left the MPT's all-time leading money winners to fight it out with the most-frequent champion. Again, the experience of TSS777 in closing out tournaments paid off, as he won small pot after small pot, taking a huge chip lead. During heads-up play with Bigfus, she was able to come back, take the chip lead, and nearly score her second win of the season, but the cards didn't fall her way.

Not only is TSS777 now the all-time winningest player in MPT history, but he has also positioned himself to contend for his second Sealy Cup season championship. The fast start for Bigfus gives her the leg up in that race, but with his first ever trip the ECLVA Las Vegas Spectacular, TSS777 is showing that he will make a serious commitment to this season's series championship. His biggest single event point total in his first event of the season makes him the Bigfus' biggest challenger in the early stages of the year.

The Results
  • TSS777
  • Bigfus
  • Sass
  • Mrs. TSS777
  • Betdponies
  • RowanB
  • Harv29
  • Janek13

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Statistical Notes Following MPT 2010 Event #2

Observations following the second event of the 2010 season, held at Bally's Atlantic City on July 2, 2010.

  • TSS777 takes over the career lead in MPT victories, becoming the first player with five wins
  • Bigfus and Sass have both cashed in the first two events of the season
  • Mrs. TSS777 became the 22nd player to participate in more than one MPT event
  • Bigfus widens her lead in the Sealy Cup standings, with her second consecutive cash to start the season
  • TSS777 jumps into second place in the points standings, with his cash
  • Sass moves into third place in the season standings, with her second consecutive cash to start the season
  • RowanB retains a slim lead in the all-time points standings, despite his poor finishes in the first two events of the season
  • Bigfus passes Sass on the all-time points list, while both Bigfus and Sass pass Harv29, dropping him into fourth place all-time
  • TSS777 moves from fourth to first place on the all-time points per event list, while Bigfus climbs to fifth place
  • TSS777 set his personal best for points in a single event, earning sixteen, tied for the 8th highest all-time single event total
  • Bigfus remains atop the 2010 money list, with TSS777 moving into second place
  • Bigfus remains atop the all-time money list, with TSS777 moving into third place, only $5 behind Sass
  • Mrs. TSS777 became the 26th different player to earn a "kill"
  • Janek13 became the twelfth different player to finish last in a MPT event