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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MPT 2008 #2 - ECLVA Spring Classic (6/7/2008)

(originally posted 6/11/2008, by Harv29)

Yes, history was made on several fronts at the MPT Event #2, War at the Shore I. First it was the largest event to date as 9 players battled it out for this championship:

The participants:
  • Rowanb: Our host and champion of MPT Event #1
  • Rowanv: Sister of rowanb (but not my daughter. Also MPT rookie)
  • Amazon: A rookie player who was there because Bigfus dragged her down to rowanb's
  • Mrs. Betdponies: Last year's Main Event runner up
  • TSS777: Last year's Player of the Year, making his first appearance in 2008
  • Bigfus: Runner up on Event #1, desperately seeking the new trophy
  • DJ Chuck Chillout: Friend of Bigfus and MPT rookie
  • Just Jason: Friend of Bigfus and MPT rookie
  • Harv29: Your tournament director

The Results:
  1. Rowanv
  2. Bigfus
  3. Harv29
  4. Mrs. Betdponies
  5. Rowanb
  6. Tss777
  7. Amazon
  8. DJ Chuck Chillout: Friend of Bigfus and MPT rookie
  9. Just Jason

Due to the large field and with so many rookies, it was the longest MPT event in history, as the champion wasn't decided until almost 4 hours had elapsed! Granted there was a bit of slowing of the game with picture archiving, management will work to decrease the stoppages in play and keep the game moving. We also had a presentation of the Player of the Year trophy to tss777 before the event began.

It was a slow moving game for the first hour, but two players did get eliminated during this time.

First out: DJ Chuck Chillout, eliminated by Just Jason (round 4) (this after DJ Chuck Chillout made a bold all-in move against Bigfus, who had flopped the nut flush and slow played it and called DJ Chuck Chillout when he moved with a king high flush).

DJ Chuck Chillout: Ah2h
Just Jason: QsQc

Flop: 7s6d5d
Turn: Qh
River 4h


Second out: Just Jason, eliminated by Mrs. Betdponies (round 6).

Just Jason: AhQc
Mrs. Betdponies: As9s

Flop: 9h9dQs
Turn: 8h
River 10h

Just Jason was dominating before the flop, but Mrs. Betdponies hit the flop hard with a set. The Q gave Just Jason some outs, okay, two, but no such luck.

It was also during this time where Amazon made the nut flush in a hand against Harv29. Harv29 had flopped the top pair, top kicker and then the flush came out. It had been checked to the river when Amazon made a $200 bet which Harv29 reluctantly called. Amazon first showed a 3c, well Harv29 could beat that and then she showed the Ac! She slow rolled me! It was a newbie "mistake" and I had no hard feelings about it (if it were TSS777 or Rowanb, well, I'd be steaming!). Of course, I would exact my revenge later, heh heh heh!


Later on, TSS777 pushed all-in against Rowanb:

TSS777: Ad9c
Rowanb: QcQh

Flop: Jc4s2h
Turn: Ah
River 4h

TSS777 lives on.


Later Rowanb moves in against Amazon:

Rowanb: QsQh
Amazon: Ac7s

Flop: 2s4c3c

Amazon gets a little hope on the flop but then the turn hits:

Turn: Qc

That shuts the door with the meaningless river:

River: 4h

Rowanb survives.


Then, in another TSS777-Rowanb clash:

Rowanb: QdQs
TSS777: 8d8s

Row again has pocket queens and is dominating TSS777.

Flop: 6h7s9d

A good flop for TSS777, as he flops the open ended straight draw.

Turn: 3d
River: Kh

No luck for TSS777 and Row severely cripples TSS777.


With Harv29 as the short stack and in the big blind, Rowanb moves all-in. Harv29 calculates that he is getting 3-1 "pot odds" if he calls and does make the call.

Harv29: 10h9s
Rowanb: 6d4h

Happy being ahead, we see the flop:

Flop: 3s8d9h

A great flop for Harv29, Row will need some help.

Turn: 10d

Harv29 makes two pair, but Row now has the gutshot straight draw.

River: Js

Not enough and Harv29 survives and triples up.


Harv29 now exacts his revenge against Amazon. He pushes all-in to try to drive out the rest of the players, but Amazon calls and everyone else folds. Harv29 has Amazon covered and knows it is a race:

Harv29: 3c3s
Amazon: Ad9d

Flop: 6s6h5h

A nice low flop for Harv29 and no diamonds

Turn: 8c
River: 4h

Harv29 dodges the ace or nine and eliminates Amazon (round 12).


Now we see three players with two all-in, TSS777 moves all-in with Rowanb going all-in and the Rowanv calling:

TSS777: 4s9c
Rowanb: AdAs
Rowanv: JsQs

Row loves his chances, he's a huge favorite. On to the flop:

Flop: Jd3h8h

TSS777 sees his chances dim but Rowanv has hope.

Turn: Kc

Still no help for Rowanv, she needs a jack or queen to win.

River: Qc!

With a crushing rivercard, Rowanv eliminates TSS777 (round 13) and severely cripples Rowanb, her own brother, and takes a commanding chip lead.


Then we have this hand between siblings:

Rowanv: Ac7c
Rowanb: 9s10s

Flop: 7h8sAs

What a flop! Rowanv flops top and bottom pair, but Row has flopped the open ended straight draw and the flush draw, Row has alot of outs.

Turn: Kc

No help for Row. He'll need a spade, jack or six to continue on.

River: Qd

Its over for the champ! His sister eliminates Rowanb (round 13) and collects the $5 bounty.


We're now on the bubble. It is mentioned that this will be the first time a white male will not win the championship.

Bigfus moves all-in with Rowanv calling:

Bigfus: Kh9h
Rowanv: As3d

Flop: Kd7d5h

Boom, Bigfus hits the flop and takes the lead in the hand.

Turn: Jh

Now, Rowanv needs an ace that is not the ace of hearts to eliminate Bigfus.

River: 5s

A brick and Bigfus stays alive.


The bubble is burst on this hand:

Harv29: 9s9h
Mrs. Betdponies: Ah7h

Flop: Kh6c8h

A nice flop for Mrs. Betdponies, she's flopped the nut flush draw with a runner-runner straight possibility.

Turn: 3d

Rag, now Harv29 just needs to dodge an ace or heart.

River: 2c

He's done it! Harv29 eliminates Mrs. Betdponies (round 14) and will cash in this tournament!


With the blinds going up and being the short stack, Harv29 moves all-in with Rowanv calling.

Harv29: Qs7s
Rowanv: As4d

I felt I had to make a move with the queen suited, I had hoped Rowanv would fold.

Flop: 4h4c2h

It wasn't the ace I had to worry about, it was the four, as Rowanv flops a set of fours and takes a commanding lead in the hand.

Turn: Kc

And that will do it for Harv29, with the river card.

River: 6c


We're now heads up with Rowanv eliminating Harv29 (round 15).

The new trophy is presented along with the cash for the two players, Rowanv and Bigfus.

Bigfus moves in:

Bigfus: Ad6d
Rowanv: 10c8h

Flop: 9h3cAh
Turn: 4d
River: 3h

Bigfus doubles up


Bigfus: 7c4c
Rowanv: Ks8h

A beautiful position for Rowanv to eliminate Bigfus and take the title.

Flop: 7h3c5h

No! Bigfus flops top pair and has a gutshot straight draw.

Turn: 2c

Bigfus improves with a flush draw and now has a double gutted straight draw. Rowanv can only hope a king or eight hits on the river.

River: 10d

No luck and Bigfus doubles up.


Now with Bigfus ahead, she has a chance to eliminate Rowanv.

Bigfus: 6d5s
Rowanv: 9c3h

Flop: 8d2s4h

Not a bad flop for Bigfus, she has a gutshot straight draw.

Turn: 10c
River: 9s

Not needing the pair to win being ahead with nine high, Rowanv is able to stay alive.


Bigfus again tries to deliver the death blow:

Bigfus: Kd4c
Rowanv: KsJs

Uh oh, Bigfus finds herself dominated.

Flop: 3sJdKc

Ouch, top two pair for Rowanv. Bigfus will need running fours to win.

Turn: 6h
River: 10h

Rowanv again avoids elimination and doubles up.


Another move by Bigfus:

Bigfus: 8s6d
Rowanv: QcJh

Flop: 9d10d9c

An interesting flop which gives Bigfus a gutshot straight draw but Rowanv the open ended straight draw.

Turn: 3d
River: Kh

She was already ahead, but Rowanv makes her straight and again doubles up.


Then we have this move:

Bigfus: 7s4h
Rowanv: 7d6s

Bigfus is dominated, with the flop:

Flop: 10hAs3s

Bigfus is looking for a four to take the lead in the hand.

Turn: 9s

Now if a seven or higher comes out, we would have a split pot.

River: 7c

With the board holding higher kickers, Bigfus is spared elimination.


Finally, Bigfus has to move:

Bigfus: 8s5d
Rowanv: Ks5c

It doesn't look good for Bigfus.

Flop: 9s10h3s

Both players miss the flop, but Bigfus still needs to hit an eight

Turn: 7d

Now Bigfus receives a few more outs, as she can now win with an eight, jack or six

River: 9c

Its over! After close to 5 hours of play, Rowanv eliminates Bigfus in round 16 and wins the 2008 M.P.T. ECLVA Spring Classic!!!

With that, Rowanv becomes the first woman to win an M.P.T title. With Rowanb winning the previous tournament, they also become the first relatives to win M.P.T. titles (as well as being the first brother-sister pair to win titles).

There is now a log jam at the top of the current M.P.T. Sealy point standings:

Rowanv: 13
Rowanb: 13
Bigfus: 13
Harv29: 12
Mrs. Betdponies: 9
TSS777: 4
Amazon: 3
Just Jason: 3
Betdponies: 1
DJ Chuck Chillout: 1

Current qualifiers for the Main Event: Rowanb, Rowanv, Bigfus, Harv29

Next event: 7/6/8, House of Blues, approximate start time of 3 pm.
Host: "Mr. O" himself, mtohio, in his "House of Blues" suite!

We at the M.P.T would like to thank all of the players’ participation, to Rowanb for hosting and providing a wonderful venue and player's buffet. Thanks to my wife for working the hand histories. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

MPT 2007 Player of The Year Crowned

STONE HARBOR, NJ - The Champion can finally wear his crown.

This past weekend, the Mattress Poker Tour (MPT) crowned it's first full-season champion, as New Jersey native tss777 was in attendance for the trophy presentation in his home state. Tss777 won two events in 2007, including the inaugural ECLVA Classic in Stone Harbor, while holding on to his season championship despite missing the Tournament of Champions in December. A veteran of online poker and regular contributor to the Kill Phil forums, tss777 was among the pre-season favorites for MPT Player of the Year and his performances in the series tournaments proved that he was worthy of these lofty expectations.

The series champ will now have his work cut out for him defending his title against the ever-growing legion of MPT Superstars as the second full-season promises more events, new locations, the introduction of mixed games, and stronger fields. Remember, with the MPT if you're not playing with us, then you're just playing with yourself.

Here are the complete "Sealy Cup" point standings for the 2007 season:
  1. TSS777 (20)
  2. Betdponies (19)
  3. Harv29 (18)
  4. Baccarat King (17)
  5. RowanB (16)
  6. Bigfus (15)
  7. Mrs. Betdponies (14)
  8. Sweeney (12)
  9. Dave (9)
  10. Meredith (4)
  11. Janek13 (3)
  12. "E" (1)